The demographics of America are changing.

We have a special responsibility to lead efforts to increase opportunities for those historically underserved by higher education.   We will deepen our partnerships with each other and collaborate with likeminded institutions to accomplish two important goals. By 2030, we anticipate that our initiatives will allow us to:

  • Double the number of Hispanic doctoral students enrolled at our universities, and
  • Increase by 20% the Hispanic professoriate in our universities.

We will pursue a variety of strategies to achieve these goals based on some shared principles.  

While we all belong to a variety of partnerships and associations, we believe that this alliance has unusual capacity as both Hispanic Serving Institutions and exceptional research universities which other groups of institutions do not have.

We believe that our network is stronger than we are as individual institutions acting alone, and that by working together we are more likely to reach our common goals.  

We will share data with each other, study lessons learned, and promulgate research-based models and strategies to enhance Hispanic student success at our own institutions and beyond.